COMBERS is an ongoing project that was developed during a residency at La Becque, August to December, 2021. Through sound and other aesthetic practices, the project traces models of intelligibility, relief, empathy and reconstruction politics as they move inside the collapsed temporality of disaster landscapes. COMBERS has placed in parallel the geological evidence of a tsunami in 563 CE on Lake Geneva with research into incoherence, communication and crisis. This parallel informs the project’s attempts to untangle, through gathering subjective points of access, where and how normative structures are articulated during disasters and their aftermaths. COMBERS creates a site-specific abstraction of documentation in aesthetic practices and evolving research. This abstraction reflects the fractal moments created when human exceptionalism is dismantled by natural events, and their potential to enforce or destabilize what came before.

The project is primarily taking shape in sound compositions made of field recordings and work created in the sound studio at La Becque. COMBERS is also being realized within the contributions from other artists, writers, researchers, et al., some of which are included in the sound works, and all of which are being documented on a website,, which will be open in January. The website also contains drawings, text, video, extensive research and other aspects of the creation of the project.